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Great ideas are the harmonization of the thousands of past ideas, and the foresight to connect them to the ideas yet to come. This stream of light and motion surrounds everything we do and carries us through the life of a project: the need, the reason and the design.

I am a director of ideas and a creator of experiences.


Contract Producer
RUN Studios

An established video production company with large tech clients. My responsibilities included scoping projects, coordinating productions, concepting, writing, managing budgets, and overseeing all stages of a project with the client.

Creative / Producer / Art Director (1 year)

An outdoor workwear retailer with 120 years of history in Seattle. I ideated concepts for location media shoots that supported catalog and digital needs. Additionally, I produced and art directed photo and video shoots, managed vendors along all stages of production, and developed strategies for brand content on all platforms.

Motion Media Designer (4 years)
REI – Recreational Equipment Inc.

A retailer with over $2 billion of revenue (2013), REI seeks to inspire, educate and outfit for a lifetime of adventure and stewardship. My role on the films team included shooting, editing and designing projects for client facing projects and campaigns. Additionally, I was instrumental in planning and concepting projects with creative teams, including writing, storyboarding and delivery design.

Adjunct Instructor
The Art Institute of Seattle

An adjunct instructor in the Digital Video and Film Production division of the Art Institute of Seattle, focusing on DVD authoring and portfolio user experience.

Creative Director (2.5 years)
ProMotion Arts, LLC

A small firm with large clients, ProMotion Arts creates dynamic motion media for web, widecast, and broadcast audiences. My duties included project management, creative services, primary camera and post-production, as well as creating internal marketing collateral and maintaining the website (www.promotionarts.com).

Video Chronicler (3+ years)
Lindblad Expeditions / National Geographic

A sea-based, global Eco-Tourism travel company. Each ship in operation has a single video specialist on board to work with natural history staff and other experts to create a unique documentary (~40:00) about the locations visited.

Assistant Producer (3 months)
Screaming Flea Productions

A medium sized company specializing in journalistic and reality based broadcast series. I assisted a producer to lock down shooting locations and times, as well as secured specialty wardrobe needs. On set, I assisted camera crews.


Art Direction
Production Coordinating
Creative Concepts and Ideation
Motion Media Design
Video Editing
Media Encoding and Delivery
Media Strategy



Kevin Knutson



Seattle, WA